Buy dedicated server with PayPal

Buy dedicated server with PayPal

PayPal payment method was formed on December 1998. This is an American payment and money transfer service provider on the internet medium. If you looking to buy dedicated server with PayPal, you can do it now, as PayPal is one of the safest, fastest, way to send and receive money. PayPal also offers set a merchant account for your business. People who are running online business and offer dedicated server solution can now integrate PayPal system on their websites. People can buy dedicated server from you and on giving payment, they can use PayPal system to send you money. The best thing is that all the transactions are done online; you don’t have to go to a bank or use your ATM to send money. Everything is done with the PayPal online payment system. It is so true that the internet medium has reduced gaps and made shopping payments so easy and safe. The dedicated hosting lets you a lot of control you want for the growing business.

Managed Security Solutions

Compromise on the enterprise security & you can compromise your whole enterprise.  Hosting company knows that the network security presents some complex challenges to many enterprises. They offer multi layered of approach while providing the security services, which will range from:

  • Network Intrusion Prevention –The managed service that gives packet inspection & malware blocking for protecting customers
  • Next Generation Firewalls – The managed firewall service given in network with
  • Managed Authentication- supporting the 2FA as complement for the Roaming Access through IPsec or SSL and standalone service
  • Security Consultancy – Given by the key selected partners, every partner is evaluated on basis of the capabilities and skills in supporting the customers.
  • Content Filtering –Capability of controlling and managing most persistent vectors on attack by filtering web content and email
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