Maintenance in Spain (تنبيهات مقرره)
  • مستوى الأهمية - منخفض
  • متعلق بـ : النظام - VPS servers in Spain
  • We would like to announce planned maintenance in our data center in Madrid, during which we will be improving the stability and reliability of our infrastructure. We are confident that this will significantly lower the chance of outages similar to today’s (17 Sept) occurrence.

    We expect connectivity outage for up to 20 minutes during the maintenance window.

    Date: September 23, 2020 Maintenance window: 02:00 a.m. - 04:00 a.m. - Madrid local time Outage duration: up to 20 minutes
    Affected services: VPS servers in Spain

  • ابتداء من - 09/23/2020 01:00 - 09/23/2020 03:00
  • آخر تحديث - 09/18/2020 06:24
Maintenance in Russia (تنبيهات مقرره)
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  • متعلق بـ : النظام - VPS in Russia

    Affected services: VPS servers in Russia


    Please note that on September 19, 2020, from 04:00 to 08:00 London time we will carry out network maintenance on the QHoster network in Russia. 

    It will be carried out without interruption in the provision of services, but it is possible the service will degrade partially (short-term losses of packages and increase of response) for a total duration of no more than 15 minutes.

    The power supply equipment will not be rebooted.

  • ابتداء من - 09/19/2020 04:00 - 09/19/2020 08:00
  • آخر تحديث - 09/14/2020 13:52
Maintenance - Hong Kong (تنبيهات مقرره)
  • مستوى الأهمية - متوسط
  • متعلق بـ : النظام - Location Hong Kong
  • Location: 
    QHoster – Hong Kong 

    The Change: 
    We will be moving the A + B feed in several racks briefly offline to connect them back to the regular power feed. This will be done one by one, so all servers that are connected redundantly will remain online during this maintenance. This announcement will only mention the servers that will be impacted. 

    Start Time: 22 September 2020, 22:40 UTC
    End Time: 22 September 2020, 22:55 UTC
    Duration: 15 minutes 

    Why This Is Necessary: 
    These servers were previously moved to a temporary power feed in order to prevent downtime during two maintenances performed by our datacenter vendor. This maintenance has been completed. The temporary power feed will be removed resulting in this maintenance. 

    Change Plan: 
    Starting at September 22nd, 2020 22:40 UTC will start turning off all affected servers. Once all servers have been shut down in a rack, the temporary power feed will be disconnected and connected to the regular power feed. All servers will then be powered back on.

  • ابتداء من - 09/22/2020 22:00 - 09/22/2020 23:00
  • آخر تحديث - 09/09/2020 06:48