Outage in Switzerland (Reported)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting System - Switzerland Data Center
  • 05:00 GMT 24/01/2020
    Our NOC noticed a massive incoming flood of bandwidth that was causing massive packet loss to our Swiss Data Center.
    08:17 GMT 24/01/2020
    The packet loss is being cuased by a massive DDOS attack (greater than 200Gbps).

    23:12 GMT 24/01/2020 We have completed the installation of new filtering device on our main providers side.
     This device is successfully blocking the attack traffic.  The network is functioning normally, however we will continue to
     closely monitor the situation for the next 120 mins before closing this issue out. 

  • Date - 01/25/2021 08:49
  • Last Updated - 01/25/2021 08:58
Failed disk on CPHOST15 cPanel server (Reported)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - cphost15
  • One of the disk drives in RAID on cPanel Shared hosting server : cphost15 (USA) - has failed.
    We are working on replacing the faulty disk. We don't expect data loss, as the information is replicated on the other disk(s) in the RAID.

    We hope this will be resolved by the end of the day.




    UPDATE: Due to complications the recovering of the server to operational state took us longer, but we were able to restore from a backup eventually.

  • Date - 01/12/2021 10:16
  • Last Updated - 01/18/2021 07:22