SpamAssassin and automatically delete emails with cPanel hosting

With cPanel server web hosting plans and spamassassin enabled you have an option to automatically delete all emails that get a spam score of 5 or more. To do this just follow the cPanel manual:

1. Log in to your cPanel web hosting account
2. Click on Email link and then Spam Assassin
3. Click on Enable Spam Assassin
4. Click on Email link then Spam Assassin
5. Click on Configure (required to rewrite subjects)
6. For the value of rewrite_header subject put ***SPAM***
7. Then click on Email link -> Spam Filters
8. In the dropdown box there Block mails when choose the Subject and also Contains
9. IN the new box add ***SPAM***
10. For the Destination box just type Discard. (this is equal to emails to be deleted)

After finishing this setting for Spam Assassin in cPanel any email message scored 5 or more will be automatically marked with a subject of ***SPAM***

This email filter will delete any email with the word ***SPAM*** in the subject line.

Apart this spamassassin and cPanel web hosting filters you can also use a filter in your Outlook email client or other email program and just skip steps 7 to 10 and do the filtering part on your computer, but that way you will need to download all of the email spam. That's why it is better the email spam to be marked as spam by spamassassin and deleted on a cPanel server level.

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