[NL] Schedule Server Relocation to New Datacenter Facility (Scheduled)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Other - Netherlands Datacenter
  • One of the Datacenters in the Netherlands, that we use to provide our services is moving to a new location on 14th of August.
    Note, that not all services in the Netherlands will be affected, since we use 3 different Datacenters in that country.

    Details below:


    Schedule Server Relocation to New Datacenter Facility

    We are relocating (read: physically moving) our servers in Amsterdam to a new datacenter facility located in the vicinity (approximately 30 minutes down the road). This will allow Servermania to continue growing our footprint in Amsterdam and enhance our infrastructure to provide you with improved service reliability, performance, and security.
    When Will This Happen?
    The server relocation is scheduled as follows:
    Date: August 14, 2024
    Time: 5:00PM CEST to 2:00AM CEST (local time)
    Why Are We Doing This?
    The move to the new facility will offer several benefits, including:
     • Enhanced security features
     • Improved network performance
     • Greater redundancy and reliability
     • Faster on-site support for server maintenance and upgrades
     • Future-proof infrastructure for upcoming technological advancements
    How Will This Affect You?
    During the scheduled relocation, you will experience the following:
     • Temporary service interruption
     • Extended period(s) of downtime during the scheduled maintenance hours


  • Date - 08/14/2024 15:00 - 08/15/2024 00:00
  • Last Updated - 07/22/2024 06:55
Canada network outage (Outage)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Other - Canada Datacenter
  • We regret to inform you that we experienced an unexpected network outage on July 17 between approximately 10:55am and 11:10am EDT, resulting in approximately 15 minutes of downtime in our Montreal datacenter location. We understand the critical nature of our services to your operations, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you and your customers.
    Incident Details:
     • Duration: Approximately 15 minutes
     • Affected Services: Full network outage across all cabinets in Montreal
     • Cause: The outage is still being investigated by our upstream provider, where the issue stemmed from.
     • Server Status: Despite the network issue, all servers remained powered on, ensuring that no data integrity issues occurred


  • Date - 07/17/2024 14:55 - 07/17/2024 15:10
  • Last Updated - 07/19/2024 14:55