Domain transfer

Domain transfer means the transfer of a domain name from one domain registrar to another. The transfer of domain does not make any changes in the settings and the site associated with it continues to operate from the same hosting account, on which is configured.

You should not confuse the transfer with the change of place (hosting) from which will load the site, because in practice these are two different things.

Each domain has DNS (name) servers, which indicate where it is directed and where is located the site or sites to it. Moving a website from one hosting provider to another does not necessarily involves a transfer of the domain to him. Just change the DNS servers for the domain to point to the new hosting provider.


Conditions for transfer of domain


1. Authorization code (Authorization key or EPP key)

One of the conditions to be transferred a domain from one registrar to another is the provision of an authorization code also known as the Authorization key or EPP key.


2. Prohibition for transfer

Another requirement is the domain to be activated/unlocked (active) or with deactivated prohibition for transfer.

In most of the domain registrars, the user can’t see the authorization code (authorization key or EPP key) in the control panel for managing domain for security reasons, and can’t deactivate the prohibition for transfer of the domain. Then you have to contact the current registrar of the domain and request the unlocking of the domain for transferring and get the authorization code for transfer. Request for transfer of domain can’t be launched and domain can’t be transferred to another registrar if these conditions aren’t fulfilled.


3. E-mail verification

The last step that must be performed is to confirm the e-mail for verification and confirmation of the transfer which the new registrar sends. Verification e-mail is sent within few hours after placing the request for transfer. Usually the e-mail contains a link than needs to bi clicked on to confirm the agreement for transferring the domain to the new registrar.


4. Period for transfer of domain

Transfer of the domain ends up to five days after the confirmation of the verification e-mail.


5. Other conditions

- If from the date of the last renewal of domain to the date of his transfer to another registrar have past more than 60 days, there is added another year to the period of registration.
- Domain can’t be transferred if the registration is made in less than 60 days before the date of transfer.
- It is possible the transfer of domain to not be completed on time if the date of expiry is less than 5 days. Then the domain must be renewed by the current registrar and then transferred after 60 days from renewal.
- If the domain has expired when placing the request for transfer, the transfer can’t be done. Then the domain must be renewed by the current registrar and then transferred after 60 days from renewal.
- In case to transfer the domain, the owner is required to have access to the administrative e-mail address (Administrative contact), which has entered in the domain registration. Information about which address is entered for a domain can be done at:


6. Control panel for managing a domain

When transferring a domain from one registrar to another, its settings does not change unless the contact information before transferring had empty fields. Then after the transfer missing fields are filled automatically with the information of the new registrar.
Once the domain is transferred, is sent an e-mail with a new expiration date of the domain and data access control panel to its owner.


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