Buy SSL certificate with Yandex Money

Buy SSL Certificate with Yandex Money

These days, we are receiving a many clients from Russia and they are coming for our wide range of services. Well, to offer them maximum amount of conveniences we have now added Yandex Money as the payment gateway. If you are from Russia or nearby regions, then you must be familiar with this name. When it’s all about sending and receiving payments most of the Russian people prefer to go for Yandex Money. It is a secure way to transact money. So, this time you can take help of it to buy the SSL certificate for your online business. Most of the clients from Russia want to buy SSL certificate with Yandex Money and this has pushed us hard to add this payment option for our list. In this way, we exactly want to make things easier for our Russian clients when they wish for secure and fast payment option.

Suppose your website does not have the SSL Certificate, then visitors might leave your site before making any kind of purchase, creating the account or signing up for the newsletter or ultimately you will be in loss. The SSL certificate authenticates uniqueness of the Web site as well as encrypts the information that is sent to server by using the Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) technology. The encryption is a process of jumbling the data in the unreadable format that will just get returned to the readable format with right decryption key. When the Internet user tries to send the confidential information to the Web server, user's browser accesses server's digital certificate as well as establishes the safe connection. The SSL certificate has following information:

  • Certificate's serial number & expiration date
  • Certificate holder's name
  • Digital signature of certificate-issuing authority
  • Copy of certificate holder's key
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