Add a wildcard DNS entry for domain name in cPanel and WHM

Here we will show you how to make a wildcard DNS entry for domain name you have with your web hosting.

First you will need to access the admin section of your cPanel web hosting - WHM (Web Host Manager)  

1. Log into your web hosting admin panel WHM
2. Fins and click "Edit DNS Zone", under "DNS Functions" on the menu
3. Choose the DNS zone you like to create a wildcard DNS domain name entry and select edit
4. Scroll down and you will see "Add New Entries Below this Line"
5. Just add a *  (star) in the first column box
6. Choose to be an A record from the drop down menu
7. Add the IP adress for the wildcard DNS in the box that is on the right of the "A" record column
8. Finally click "Save"

Sometimes it is easier to add a * subdomain wildcard DNS via your web hosting control panel - cPanel.

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